Sigrid Storrada: a Viking boat!

A Viking boat protected with D1 and Textrol!

For the boat's maintenance, Owatrol Nordic supplied DEKS Olje D1 as well as Textrol.
Constructed in Lidköping in Sweden, the Sigrid Storråda is an exact replica of the Gokstad, a real Viking ship from the end of the 11th century. It was discovered in 1880 under a large funeral mound in the region of Sandefjord in Norway. Discovered in excellent condition, it can currently be admired in Bygdøy's Viking ship room in Oslo. 

The Sigrid Storråda is 26 metres long, 5.3 metres wide and weighs 17 tons. Made out of oak and riveted with iron rivets; it is equipped with 16 oars made from pine. It can accommodate 25 passengers. The ship is equipped with numerous mod cons for a safe and comfortable journey. Besides the oars and the sails, it's driven by a 200hk Penta engine. It is also equipped with life jackets, life-rafts, compass, VHF radio, GPS, sonar, bilge pumps, foghorn, lights and even a toilet.