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labowatrol 2016


Because human adventure continues and listening and sharing have always been our values!
Because innovation, challenge and the desire to go further have always been our theme!
The Durieu Group is once again a pioneer and proposes to team up with you! Research and development are not only for laboratory workers with test pieces  in hand ... Certainly ! But, not only ... That's why we created the Lab'Owatrol!
In the Durieu Group, the key words are: YOU and WE ...! You ... your experience, your needs, your testimonals, your ideas ... We ... our experience, know-how, expertise. You like to talk about products you have experienced, projects you have realised and you want to share tips, give advice, you have a great idea and you do not know how to make it happen? Lab'Owatrol puts at your disposal this space to exchange and realise the research with you! Welcome in our new Community...