Διαβρωτικό τζελ - Πλένεται με νερό
picto_rendement Coverage: 4m²/l
picto_temperature Application temperature: +41°F to +95°F
picto_temps Working time: 5 min - 12 hours



Solvent free - Non-flammable - No toxic fumes - Is easily removed with water.
MARINE STRIP is safe on all surfaces except Aluminium. Does not harm plastic. Is safe on G.R.P.
Very efficient - Will remove up to 8 coats of paint in one operation.
Will not affect 2 component or baked-on paints, polyurethane paint and varnishes.
Does not evaporate - Long active work time.
Easy to apply Gel - With prolonged stripping action.
Does not run.


  • Always try a sample area first.
  • To apply the product use a flat blade or a brush with synthetic (nylon) "bristles".
  • Wear proper protective clothing, gloves.
  • For best results on wood, do not let MARINE STRIP work longer than required to dissolve the paint.
  • "Weak" wood like some veneers or plywoods may be damaged.
  • Hardwood, especially those rich in tannins (oak, exotic wood,...) can turn dark if in prolonged contact with MARINE STRIP.
  • Where MARINE STRIP has darkened the wood DO NOT allow it to dry, prior to using DECK CLEANER.
  • Correctly used, MARINE STRIP can easily be removed, then neutralized with DECK CLEANER which will restore the original even colour.
  • Ask for technical information when you buy the product.


  • Apply a thick coat of MARINE STRIP over the whole surface to be stripped.
  • Let the product work.
  • To remove MARINE STRIP and dissolved paint, rinse very thoroughly with fresh water and a brush or pressure washer (max. 60bars/870psi).
  • The use of hot water makes the job easier.
    Note : porous surfaces like wood must always be neutralized with DECK CLEANER after removing Marine Strip.
  • Always use DECK CLEANER to neutralize wood surfaces.


  • DO NOT use metal containers to store product.
  • Keep from freezing and away from high temperatures.

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  • Always use DECK CLEANER to neutralize wood surfaces.