Waterborne paint conditioner
picto_rendement Coverage: depends on the type of use.
picto_temperature Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C



Additve for waterborne coatings : emulsions, acrylics, vinyls
Improves paint flow and workability.
Minimises paint streaks and roller misses.
Increases open time and eases application.
Ideal for special effects.
Avoids brush marks especially in warm, sunny and windy conditions.
Eases and improves spray application :
Offers greater flexibility of application.
Reduces spray pressure by up to 20 %
Reduces overspray - Less paint waste.
Prevents tip clogging and piston freeze
Lubricates moving parts - reduces wear and tear.


  • FLOETROL is an additive specially formulated for use with water-based paints and woodstains, it makes them work and feel like an oil-based paint. Added to any water-based paint, FLOETROL increases the open time, improves workability and eliminates brush marks and roller misses.


  • Prepare the surface as recommended on the product label.


  • Prepare surface as per instructions on the paint can.
  • Apply paint in normal manner
  • If paint sets up too fast, drags, or does not level properly add FLOETROL until the paint works smoothly and easily.
  • Brush or roller : add between 7-15% per litre of paint
  • HVLP & Cup Gun Spray : Add 5-10% per litre of paint to achieve the desired consistency and flow. If paint seems to thicken, add a tablespoon of water per litre of paint to thin.
  • Airless spray : add 10% per litre of paint.
  • Special effects : add 20-25 % per litre of paint
  • Do not add FLOETROL to alkyd or oil based paints, including glycerophtalic paints.
  • Do not use in clear acrylic varnish.
  • Always test for compatibilty ; Ensure Floetrol is well mixed in.




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